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At STUpendous Events, LLC we have the most realistic, talented and professional actors and actresses in the DMV!

MAD SCIENTIST ROOM (2 hr. show with 12 hr. set up)

  • Learn About Chemistry and Electricity

  • Grow A Pet Monster with Soap and Dry Ice

  • Make Your Own Take Home Slime

  • Experiment with A Real Tesla Coil

THE UPSIDE DOWN ROOM (2 hr. show with 12 hr.  set up)

  • Kid Appropriate Halloween Music

  • Costumed DJ

  • Laser, Colored and Black Lights

  • Amazing Quality Sound System

  • Fun Dance Games Like Musical Chairs, Limbo and The Freeze Dance

  • Wearable Glow Sticks Provided

HAUNTED CASTLE ROOM (2 hr. show with 12 hr.  set up)

  • Costumed Face Painter/Balloon Twister

  • Creepy Witch Buffet and Dry Ice Cauldron

  • Make Potions, and Write and Cast Spells 

  • Life Sized Realistic Coffin and Manakin Prop

  • Castle Photo Backdrop Provided

GRAVEYARD (free with purchase of two or more rooms)